This year SHARK Helmets introduced its most versatile helmet yet the Explore-R, which can be used for adventure riding, touring, cruising around town and even on track.
The Explore-R is made from SHARK’s carbon skin technology, which combines carbon and aramid fibres to create its structure. For added protection it also features a second skin for higher performance and improved shock absorption.

The visor offers full-screen panoramic vision and has an Autoseal System that secures the visor when closed, giving better ventilation and fit. There’s also a handy Rapid Antifog System that locks the visor into an open or closed position to circulate air more efficiently.

Fully versatile to suit any style of riding the Explore-R can be configured in the following options:
1)    Sunshield only
2)    Visor only
3)    Goggles only
4)    Peak and goggles
5)    Peak and sunshield


Not content with five wearable options there is one more for colder, rainy days, or dusty off road terrains as the helmet includes an integrated chin cover that can be unzipped and tucked inside a jacket.

The interior of the helmet is made using a special bamboo treatment that is hypoallergenic, antibacterial and offers good perspiration absorption, as well as being extremely comfortable. The lining also has the easy fit option for riders who wear glasses along with cut-away sections so a SHARKTooth or other Bluetooth systems can be easily fitted.

The Explore-R is available in three colours; Carbon Skin that shows the carbon structure of the helmet with a clear gloss finish, as well as white and black colours.