The launch of the new PEUGEOT Traveller combispace confirms the brand’s goal of applying its dynamic strategy to all segments. With the PEUGEOT Traveller i-Lab, it presents its vision of the future for business customer travel. Connectivity is revolutionising the services offered for a unique and streamline experience.

PEUGEOT Traveller i-Lab in brief
The PEUGEOT Traveller i-Lab is a VIP shuttle study for a hyper-connected journey. For this, this concept is based on the brand’s new combispace, the PEUGEOT Traveller. As its name suggests, its services and its high level of safety are an invitation to deliver calm journeys while integrating the opportunity to conduct business on the move.



Its exterior dimensions make it perfectly suitable for urban environments: 4.96 m long, 1.92 m wide, with reduced overhangs. In addition, its 1.90 m height opens the way for underground and city car parks.

The PEUGEOT Traveller i-Lab is an extremely high mobility cloud access platform for passengers: automatic connection to the WiFi hotspot, Cloud access, etc.

The hands-free sliding side doors are activated by simple foot action. The doors are then unlocked and opened automatically.

For the passengers, travelling becomes an inspirational journey or conducive for business: remote hotel check-in and check-out, payment, virtual visit, etc.



Passengers sit in four individual seats arranged around a giant 32″ touch tablet that can be positioned as preferred on the arch supporting it.

Induction charging docks are provided to receive smart devices.

The 32″ giant tablet and smart devices are integrated into the connected journey experience developed in partnership with Samsung.

Passenger listening comfort is optimised by specific acoustic insulation and a FOCAL installation. This has 17 loudspeakers, supplied by three amplifiers and controlled by Digital Signal Processor.

The driver has the working control that allows him to offer top-quality services: connected navigation, VisioPark, inattention detection, automatic emergency braking, vehicle usage monitoring application, etc.

Automobile distinctiveness
From the very first glance, the PEUGEOT Traveller i-Lab asserts its VIP shuttle personality while indicating that it belongs to the PEUGEOT passenger car range. Its expressive front end has the brand’s new stylish identity. The elevated new vertical grille integrates the lion brand logo in its centre.

The vehicle’s design and the Traveller i-Lab name are in harmony; this concept makes you want to travel within it. Its posture evokes the open spaces crossed in luxury comfort. Its dimensions are compact; 4.96 m long and 1.90 high. They are embellished with lines that highlight its aerodynamic shape and its comfort. The sleekly designed side panels are structured with sharp lines. They are sculpted by concave door sills, which enhance the impressiveness of the smooth wheel arches extending out from them.

The shuttle makes light of urban constraints with its reduced overhangs. In addition, its height opens the way for underground and city car parks.

Its powerful front end shows off its dynamic capabilities, enhanced by various air inlets including the vertical grille and a robust chromed trim. With a design inspired by the world of saloons, the Xenon headlights are mounted flush with the bodywork. The LED light signature, integrated with boomerangs, decorate the front bumper. This emphasises the wheel arches and sculpted side panels that model the 3.28 m wheelbase. In the upper part, the line of the top window provides a commanding view over the environment, which is ideal for anticipating traffic.





The passenger car, including both sliding side doors, is displayed in a Dark Copper colour with intense reflections. The sliding side doors provide access to a welcoming passenger space, which is extraordinary considering the exterior compactness.

With its stylish features emulated from the range’s passenger cars, the PEUGEOT Traveller i-Lab is an innovative concept in the business customer shuttle segment. Its streamline silhouette adapts perfectly to the urban environment. Its sliding side doors open into a spacious passenger compartment.
Keith Ryder, PEUGEOT Traveller i-Lab Design Manager

A 3.0 passenger space
The PEUGEOT Traveller i-Lab is an extremely high mobility cloud access platform for business passengers. To provide up-to-date connectivity, PEUGEOT joined forces with Samsung. These very demanding customers benefit from a seamless experience. The VIP 3.0 shuttle pairs with connected services to completely transform the everyday life of its passengers. Previously, shuttle journeys were compromised for people with busy schedules. Now, the same journey is a source of inspiration and a seamless experience.

This begins as soon as you open the electric sliding doors. Due to hands-free sliding side doors, you simply put your foot in front of the sensor installed in the sill panel. Once on board, the passengers’ smart devices automatically connect to the on-board WiFi hotspot. The shuttle’s various items of equipment are simultaneously updated based on the content of their documents.

A trailblazer in emergency call systems, PEUGEOT is developing new connected services that will simplify uses. Connected navigation, available on the PEUGEOT Traveller upon its launch, is the first step towards an enhanced future.
Brigitte Courtehoux, Connected Vehicles and Services Director

The PEUGEOT connected navigation is set to the address saved for the new appointment. As the destination is the hotel booked, the 32″ giant touch tablet connects to the corresponding website for a virtual visit of the room via the Samsung Gear VR virtual reality headset. A producer can visit a potential filming location in an enhanced way. Ultimately, the designer can use this device to view products under development.

Whatever their profile, they all save time, with their smartphone transforming into a console for streamlining their everyday life. In this way, they can check in and check out of their hotel room from the shuttle. Once at their destination, passengers can go straight to their room without having to go to the reception because an electronic key has been downloaded on to their device. When they leave, the invoice is generated automatically, and payment can also be made by telephone.

The PEUGEOT Traveller i-Lab provides a solution to language problems for international travellers. When abroad, if the passenger changes his agenda, he no longer needs to try and make himself understood by the driver. The changed appointment is transferred directly into the driver’s schedule.

The touch tablet with capacitive screen is the central interface for this ecosystem. It is positioned on an arch combining raw wood and resin, tradition and modernity. Sliding and reclining, it can be used in any way to get the job done: individual tablet, tablet split into four screens for just as many users, etc.

Two induction charging terminals are arranged on the arch for powering smartphones.

The environment provided on board the PEUGEOT Traveller i-Lab is conducive to work. Isolated from the outside by dark tinted windows, passengers are provided with a comfortable area with individual seats upholstered in Alcantara® and patinated black leather, and leather-trimmed inner door panels. The elegantly designed roof console provides a dim light emitted by LEDs and delicately diffuses air from the climate control system.

In addition, it has four mediums and two tweeters, part of the audio installation developed by FOCAL following on from work carried out on previous concept-cars. This installation comprises 17 FOCAL loudspeakers – woofers, mediums, subwoofer, tweeters – carefully positioned in the vehicle. The loudspeakers are supplied by three FOCAL FD amplifiers for a total power of 1,300 Wrms. The control of these elements by Digital Signal processor adapts the sound to the architecture of the passenger compartment. Thanks to the best level of acoustic comfort in the segment, listening to your playlists on your smartphone is a pleasure.

The PEUGEOT Traveller i-Lab makes everything so easy and streamlined. The on-board technology is cutting edge transforming your everyday life. The arch supporting the touch tablet embodies this versatility by fostering exchanges between passengers.
Alessandro Riga, PEUGEOT Traveller i-Lab Interior Designer




The ideal business environment
For the driver, the PEUGEOT Traveller i-Lab constitutes a latest generation business environment. In this way, he provides his passengers with an exclusive, high-level service.

Journeys are fluid and on time in particular thanks to the new generation of PEUGEOT connected navigation. This displays 3D mapping and suggests alternative routes in real time based on traffic hazards. It also provides information on weather conditions, the prices of fuel, optimising the vehicle’s use. Voice recognition provides additional security allowing you to control navigation, telephone and media functions without taking your eyes off the road. The 7″ touch and capacitive screen acts as an interface with VisioPark.

This equipment recreates a 180° image in overhead view of the environment behind the vehicle. When an obstacle is close by, VisioPark autonomously switches to zoom mode for even more precise manoeuvres.

Passenger safety is guaranteed through comprehensive equipment. The road sign reading device scans the edges of the carriageway to display the speed limit in force in the instrument panel’s colour matrix. The driver then validates this information to set the cruise control/speed limiter.

The PEUGEOT Traveller i-Lab monitors the driver’s vigilance to prevent collisions. The driver inattention monitoring system alerts him after two hours of continuous driving then every hour if he does not stop. This equipment also measures the vehicle’s dynamic attitude via the camera and steering wheel angle sensor. A visual and audible alert encourages the driver to pay better attention to their standards of driving.

In the event of an imminent collision with a moving or stationary obstacle, whether this is a vehicle or pedestrian, the Active City Brake applies an automatic brake. The aim is to avoid coming into contact with the obstacle by reducing the consequences if it cannot be avoided.

In keeping with the PEUGEOT Connect Fleet Management service, an application for professionals is displayed via Mirror Screen on the PEUGEOT Traveller i-Lab’s touch-screen. It collects the location and technical information (fuel consumption, remaining fuel range, average speed) in real time and informs the driver and fleet management in order to plan and prepare future maintenance operations. Fuel consumption is optimised through personalised eco-driving tips.



All of this information enhances the company’s fleet management tool.

This application also enables fleet management to notify the driver of events related to his activity in real time and to organise the schedule for his future assignments.

With the PEUGEOT Traveller i-Lab, the brand confirms its goal of applying its dynamic strategy to all segments. The PEUGEOT Traveller i-Lab’s high level of safety, service and hyper-connectivity meet the requirements of business customers that want a streamline and high-quality experience.
Jérôme Micheron, PEUGEOT Strategy Director