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Canadian David Bensadoun, driver of the ALDO Racing Toyota Tacoma, and his navigator Patrick Beaulé arrived in Almaty on Thursday evening following the first six days of the 2016 Silk Way Rally. The team enjoyed a short, one-day rest period in the former Capital City of Kazakhstan, which marks the (almost) halfway point of the transcontinental 10,734 km rally that includes 4,105 km of timed off-road special stages between Moscow and Beijing. The rally-raid left Moscow on July 8 and is scheduled to arrive in Beijing on July 24.

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Dwarsligger in Silk Way Rally voor Mammoet Rallysport.

Team Mammoet Rallysport heeft in de tweede etappe van de Russische Silk Way Rally te kampen gehad met een complete boom als dwarsligger. De cabine van het Harskampse team raakte hierbij beschadigd, maar de bemanning bleef ongedeerd.  Tijdens een parcours door de bossen sloeg het noodlot toe: een Kamaz die voor het team reed, raakte een boom, die hierdoor omviel en de doorgang blokkeerde. Continue reading

Silk Way Rally 2012: Ready, Steady, Go!

Yesterday, along with a sunny warm day, the participants of the fourth edition of the Silk Way Rally completed the technical and administrative checks at the Luzhkini Stadium, the well-known sport center where the Olympics of Moscow took place in 1980.

After leaving their vehicles in the Parc Fermé, the 112 competitors admitted to enter the SWR 2012 (88 cars and 24 trucks) were received by Semen Yakubov and Frederic Lequien, the race director and deputy director respectively.

After their traditional briefing, all crews headed downtown in the Russian Capital to take part of the official start podium installed at the Red Square, where the checkered flag went down at 5 p.m. A huge enthusiasm for the Argentinean Lucio Alvarez and Bernardo Graue (Toyota Overdrive), the first crew that took the start of the SWR 2012 that will take competitors to Gelendzhik, next to the site of the Olympics of Sochi 2014, after 3,857 km that contain 2,083 km of timed sections.

Frederic Lequien can now feel satisfied about the competitors that are taking part of this new edition of the Silk Way Rally. “We have top drivers and highly talented crews have entered the rally. For the first time after years, no one can predict who will win this race. The victory can be for the Argentinean crew, but there are more than a dozen of possible teams that can take the first step of the podium, and this triumph is also out there for two wheel drive vehicles! ” tells the deputy director of the race with excitement.

“We will witness a great battle between Schlesser (Buggy Schlesser); Lavieille (Proto Dessoude); Gadasin (G-Force Proto); Khale (Sam-Mercedez); Chabot (Buggy SMG); Magnaldi (Buggy Dessoude); Gardemester, that comes straight from WRC and IRC (Proto Mitsubishi); Patissier (Buggu Delli-Zotti); Pelichet (Toyota Overdrive), and many others…

The battle will be hard as well on trucks. Last years ‘winner, Loprais, left Tantra to join Man. Other Man drivers are: Echter, Behringer, Rotsaert, Verluis… and the Kamaz squad will be composed by Mardaev, Nikolaev, Ardavichus, Shibalov… and the outsider Van den Brink will be on Ginaf! I wish that all competitors have a great race!”

After leaving the podium, competitors will take the road for 184 km to Ryazan, historic capital of the region that holds the same name. This enchanted small historic village, Ryazan, old principality, still has its Kremlin from the XII century.

“It´s the organization will that this first long road connection is completed in two phases. The reason we make competitors to head south completing a long distance is because we want them to find a great terrain to compete from the first special stage,” explains Frederic Lequien.

Tomorrow, SWR competitors will take the start of the first timed section that will take them to Volgograd.


SWR 2012 Race Program

Stage 1 A : Moscou – Ryazan

Road Connection: 184.5 km – Total : 1845 km

Stage 1 B: Ryazan – Volgorad

Road Connection: 487 km – Special Stage: 258 km – Road Connection: 123 km – Total : 878 km


Stage 2: Volgorad – Volgograd

Road Connection: 123 km – Special Stage: 309 km – Road Connection: 2 km – Total: 434 km


Stage 3: Volgorad – Elista

Road Connection: 83 km – Special Stage: 488 km – Road Connection: 106 km – Total : 677 km


Stage 4: Elista – Elista

Road Connection: 158 km – Special Stage: 506 km – Road Connection: 1.5 km – Total : 665.5 km


Stage 5: Elista – Maykop

Road Connection: 19 km – Special Stage: 453 km – Road Connection: 211 km – Total: 683 km


Stage 6: Maykop – Gelendzhi

Road Connection: 146 km – Special Stage A: 60 km – Road Connection: 100 km – Special Stage

B: 9 km – Road Connection: 20 km -Total : 335 km


A terrific battle in the making!

With just one week before the start in Moscow’s Red Square on July 7, the competitors of the 4th edition of the Silk Way Rally are ready to get on with the business. More than 100 cars and 25 trucks will set off on the 4000km route, featuring 2092.64kms of timed sectors. And one thing is sure: it is going to be a rally-raid to remember with one of the most competitive fields ever in the two categories.

There are several contenders for overall victory in the car category, beginning with twice Dakar winner and five-time World Rally-Raid Cup champion, Jean-Louis Schlesser who makes his SWR debut with the announced intention of stepping on to the top step of the podium. But to do so, the Frenchman, in his emblematic blue buggy, will have to defeat the four-wheel drive entrants, including the very promising Argentinean Lucio Alvarez in a Toyota, who, with the same car finished fifth on the this year’s Dakar.

There will also be some « new » machines to contend with. Christian Lavieille can’t wait to show the full-potential of the latest Dessoude built Proto 11. German rally-raid veteran Mathias Kahle will take on the Russian deserts with the new SAM-Mercedes prototype, which after testing has been the talk of the all-terrain community.

Benefiting from racing in their native country, local entrants will have an advantage on the extremely varied terrain that they know by heart and should not be overlooked.  Boris Gadasin and Ilya Kuznetsov will lead the Russian contingent, but Miroslav Zapletal from the Czech Republic in his crowd favourite Hummer will be in the mix.

Among the others to keep a close eye on are ‘new comer’ to the sport, but long time WRC and IRC front-runner: Toni Gardemeister. The 37-year old Finn, who is a former Seat, Ford and Suzuki factory driver and took a career best 4th in the 2005 world rally championship, will make his rally-raid debut in the 2012 SWR and could create a surprise on the fast stages run on the steppe…

The battle for the win among the two-wheel cars will be just as exciting. In addition to Jean-Louis Schlesser, the top three finishers in this year’s Dakar; Ronan Chabot, Bernard Errandonea and Thierry Magnaldi are also entered. Three specialists ready to rekindle last January’s fight in the class. And Isabelle Patissier, who is making her Russian debut, shouldn’t be overlooked as well.

Defending truck category winner, Alès Loprais will put his title on the line, but at the wheel of a MAN! Seconded by the always consistent German Franz Echter, the Czech driver should be well armed to take on the mighty Kamaz factory entries, led by 2010 winner, Eduard Nikolaev and fellow Russian Ayrat Mardeev who finished fifth on the 2012 Dakar. Kazak Artur Ardavichus, who finished third overall in Lima in January, will be another to be reckoned with. Depending on how the rally plays out, the Ginaf, Renault and Maz entries could create a few surprises as well…

In other words the seven special stages, designed on a route that is more than 70% new, there could be very little in it between all these exceptional competitors in the battle for the win in the 4th edition of the Silk Way Rally… Media coverage records will also be broken. Daily reports will be aired in 197 countries via 63 channels, including Eurosport, CCTV, SPEED and FOX SPORTS.

Eurol Veka Man rally team versterkt zich

Het Eurol VeKa MAN Rally team heeft met het binnenhalen van toprijder Ales Loprais een mooie stap gemaakt in het versterken en uitbreiden van het team.
Ales is afgelopen weekend, tijdens een prachtig team- en sponsorevenement in Goldcity resort in Turkije, met VeKa rondgekomen dat hij de aanstaande Silkway rally van 7 t/m 14 juli deelneemt in een van hun MAN trucks.
Ales, bekent van de Tatra, won vorig jaar de Silkway rally en is al jaren een zeer sterke deelnemer in de truckklassementen.
Helaas viel Ales afgelopen Dakar uit na een zware crash op een verbindingsroute, terwijl hij op een mooie positie in het klassement lag.
Het team is enorm verheugd met de komst van Ales en met hem bestaat het team nu uit 5 rijders, namelijk: Franz Echter, Marcel van Vliet, Peter Versluis, Ales Loprais en Pascal de Baar.

Later meer informatie over de teaminvulling voor de Silkway Rally.